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Interview Process

Once your application has been accepted, you will attend a series of interviews with our Managers, Principals and Vice Presidents. The standard format is a day-long session during which four interviews are conducted.  Each interview lasts 45 minutes and assesses your motivation, personality, problem-solving skills, leadership and overall fit with SBC's culture.

A typical interview

Each interview lasts 45 minutes and has three parts:

    • First, you will be invited to present your motivation for SBC and consulting, your educational background and past experiences

    • Then, your skills will be tested in a business case that is not necessarily specific to the energy industry

    • Finally, you will have the opportunity to have a casual conversation with a consultant who will answer your questions about SBC and the job

Our response

The interviewers will meet to exchange their views and results of the interviews. The final decision will be communicated to you as quickly as possible, and our human resources team will provide you with feedback on your performance during the process.