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Career Progression

Just as SBC advises clients on how to achieve sustainable growth, we believe in the continuous career development of our employees. Our approach is driven by autonomy, flexibility and merit-based promotion to encourage people to take ownership of their own careers.

SBC career ladder

SBC’s career ladder consists of four main roles: Consultant, Manager, Principal, and Vice President. Within each of these roles, there are several levels depending on experience, achievement and responsibilities.

Evaluation and feedback

In SBC we value open and honest feedback. During your assignments, you will have opportunities to receive feedback from project managers and the clients. At the end of each assignment, the relevant Manager and Vice President will provide a formal evaluation. In addition, every six months, our global leadership team reviews the performance of all consulting staff and advises on career progression.


On joining SBC, you will be paired with a buddy who will help you settle into SBC at a social level. A buddy is typically someone at or around your entry level.

You will also be assigned a mentor who will help you develop skills and progress through the organization. Mentors track your progress over several years, advise on pathways in your SBC career and provide an independent view of your long-term development to the leadership team. Mentors are either Senior Managers, Principals, or Vice-Presidents.