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Schlumberger Business Consulting (SBC) is the management consulting arm of Schlumberger. We are the world’s leading management consultancy in the upstream oil and gas industry, and a leading player in the energy sector more generally.

SBC Expertise and Opportunities

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SBC focus on the energy sector - and in particular on oil and gas, which face the simultaneous challenges of being scarce and not easily replaceable by other forms of energy.
If you want to rise to the challenge and have the intellectual ambition and drive to make a lasting impact on the energy industry, we want to hear from you!

SBC News

Antoine Rostand, SBC Global Managing Director, was invited as keynote speaker at the 16th International Oil Summit that took place in Paris.
Arnold Volkenborm, SBC Director and Head of ASA, presented at the SEAPEX Exploration conference in Singapore.
Matheus Nogueira, SBC Vice President, presented at the Arpel Oil & Natural Gas conference in Uruguay.
Energy Perspectives is published by SBC to communicate business solutions and innovative viewpoints on today’s biggest strategic, operational, and organizational issues facing the global energy industry. To read the latest release click here.